Posh Brownies… with mayonnaise?

I shall begin this tale of cookery back to front, not to try my hand at revealing a recipe Memento style (although I can see that being very funny) but actually so that I can assure you that these brownies were an insane hit.

I gave them to ten people for taste testing, and all ten not only liked them, but also complimented them… and were quite impressed with the fact they were eating mayonnaise sweets (nothing like a bit of novelty).

This will now be my preferred recipe, mostly because they stay moist and fluffy, and I can feel guilt free because the butter version had 55% more saturated fat than the mayonnaise replacement.

Rewind to the beginning and as if by magic, a hamper of brownies-to-be arrived on my doorstep, complete with a lovely pink mixing bowl and spatula.

I strongly recommend you try this recipe at home:
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Thorntons in London

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It’s classic chocolate made easy. Your parents know it, love it, and that means as you bolt through the station without a gift you can quickly grab a gift and get home scott free. It’s pretty basic, but well known.
If you’re lucky enough to be a foreigner then all you have to do is drop in, get some tasty treats, and have no reason to resist the urge to eat them on the way home, after all your folks aren’t here to berate you ;)

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New York

Max Brenner in New York

The bald man with the sweet liquid chocolate gold… Oh Max you’re the man for me.

Max Brenner is also in Sydney- so when I come to NYC it’s like a bit of nostalgia… dipped in sugar!
I agree that it’s not just about the chocolate, they do a killer peanut satay- with a row of attentive chicken sticks in specially designed holders.
But honestly, although the food is good, it’s the marshmallow pizza, chocolate strawberry fondant, giant syringe chocolate injections and the hug mugs that drive the desirous masses in.