Miss Rachelle

I’m working on a novel, and have been for years (and no, it isn’t finished).

I take too many photographs, I draw, and sometimes I get to assist with independent film projects.

I’m a community manager at a really cool agency in London.

I’ve been distracted by travel and raising money for Cancer Research UK, so most of the time I’ve been drinking coffee instead of sleeping.

TWITTER: @MissRachelle

EMAIL: rachelle.writes.back AT googlemail.com

CHARITY: Race for Life 2010 & The ‘Face of Race 2011’ & this year I’ll be vloging for UK Cancer Research and raising even more money!

WRITING: Travel writing  & Book reviews

FILM:  Assistant Director


4 thoughts on “Miss Rachelle

      • David says:

        Hi Rachelle
        No! Wasabi Peas haven’t reached here yet. People love eating Deep-Fried Mars Bars (with chips, yes) up here!!!
        I like wasabi: BUT PEAS!!!!!
        I’ll let you know when they have arrived.
        Ciao-the Now

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