The Meatwagon 

It really is hard to explain why the Meatwagon is so fantastic.

I guess when you hear the words Meatwagon you really aren’t sure what to expect, and when you hear the words ‘the Meatwagon is a car park in Peckham’… well you would be excused for raising an eyebrow.

I did find the Meatwagon a bit closer to home, comfortably parked in the front area of The Red Lion and Sun in Highgate. How? Well, it is actually a wagon, so they travel to various spots and set up their meat filled camp, normally right on top of a happy publicans venues, so you can drink away the wait.

What’s so special you ask? Well firstly I would like to relate that two chappies sipping on pints beside me told me that they had travelled from Brockley- I got excited. Why would you travel so far for a burger I asked.

“Let’s put it this way, I would travel to Scotland and back for a night with the Meatwagon, and I ordered two chili cheese burgers and a Philly cheesesteak.”

“For the two of you? That sounds like a lot of food..”

“Oh no! that’s mine. You’ll see…”

Ands so I did. These portions are insanely huge, that is the first thing to note. But anyone that has been before doesn’t eat all day, just to fit in multiple meals. The two guys I was with got stuck into their burgers and promptly ordered seconds. They really are that good.

Anyone who has had a really good American burger will rate these guys, never mind being one of the few places I know this side of the pond offering the impossible to find and delectable Philly Cheesestakes.

Do yourself a favour and follow them on twitter to find out (about a week in advance) if they will be coming to ignite the meat addiction near you!


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