Giant Robot in London

Word on the street was that this was a pretty decent joint, so I took the plunge on a Saturday afternoon and trekked over. I say trekked because you all know that Clerkenwell is like a shut down zone of London outside of Monday to Friday (tube works don’t help).

Naturally I arrive tuckered and thirsty, to a welcoming bar, with some great options. I know a lot of the staff left the burnt out husk of the East Rooms to work here, and with that kind of high level of cocktail experience you know you can relax without worrying that you’ll be served some kind of adult slushie masquerading as a cocktail.

We decided to settle in and have Bellinis, and then the magic happened. Instead the three of us got a bottle of bubbly and our own little squeeze bottles of peach puree to make a table mix, cheaper and more fun :)

They seems to have a fab food menu, and I would be keen to try out a few of those dishes I saw coming out.

All in all a fab experience, now I have to seek out their new venture… Tiny Robot!


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