Levant in London

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While Levant might not be the easiest place to find, it is certainly worth the search. You enter via a downward staircase, lit with lanterns, candles floating in water, and decorated with rose petals.

The whole atmosphere is carefully crafted with red drapes and subtle lighting, nooks with drapery and cushioned seating, very other worldly.

Amazing food on offer- we had the clouds according to the guys at our table (otherwise known as pitta bread!) with Hommus, Baba ghannuge, Tabbule, Kibbeh lahme and Soujok (spicy sausage). We did actaully make the mistake of thinking that was all the food we could possibly east, beause that was followed by a fantastic mixed grill of Kafta laham, kafta d’jaj, shish tawuk & laham meshwi on a bed of rice.

After subduing us into little food comas the belly dancers came out- they were less belly than I was expecting, but entertaining and engaging none the less.

All in all a highly recommendable evening.

Check out my review of levant – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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