Dishoom in London

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I have to admit to be one of those people confused by the idea of an Indian breakfast. All I can think about is rice and spicy dishes and cold beer- and this was a pre-work breakfast we had planned.

So I wandered out of Leicester Square station and virtually landed in the large restaurant bright and early (kudos for location). I do have a soft spot for a bit of original design, and even with my bleary eyed morningness I could see this was somewhere that had a personal touch. Later on, when chatting with the genuinely lovely owner, I discovered that he has portraits on the wall of his grandfather, that he organised for a selection of about 50 handpicked medicinal containers to be sourced in India and brought over by a bemused friend so that he could create identical fake medicine cabinets in the bathrooms, and that he still believes there is a lot more that can be done. Personally I think a lot has been done!

I tried the breakfast lassie of mango and banana and oats- I don’t normally like these but it has a subtle flavour, not too tart from the yogurt either which has normally been a problem for me. I also got myself a spiced coffee, it is slightly sweet and really good for those that like it black.

We were also given the House Chai to try, and it was so lovely- a bit of a kick, not too milky, and then you find out it must be tried daily by at least two people to make sure the batch has a well balanced flavour batch is right… perfections to the core.

The breakfast options we chose included a bacon nan, an off menu item of bacon and sausage nan and a fruit roomali. Just to let you know this is far too much food for two people so be more decisive than we were!

The bacon or bacon and sausage nan idea is a clever one. They make the dough quite thin, fresh and flip it by hand (you can see this happening too- think pizza dough spinning) then layer it over a large round protruding hot top (like a steal bubble rising out of the cook top). This is your nan. Then there is a generous helping on bacon, or bacon and sausage of your ordering creatively, and enough coriander to supply Greece since the second millennium (look it up!). I am not a fan of the devils herb- but they are good enough not to chop it into wee bits so removal was no issue.

I have to say the winner- by a monsoon flood- was the fruit roomali. They use a light roti (thinned pancake but not so sweet) with fresh fruit mixed pieces, and layer it with vanilla pod infused mascarpone and drizzle with honey.

This is a must visit as far as interesting flavoursome breakfasts go!

Check out my review of Dishoom – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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