Old School Yard & My Kind of Phone in London

Boy who play games are HARD

Ah Cat Stevens, you inspire many things, and I assume this bar is amongst them in a few ways, considering the diversity and unexpected nature of this Old School Yard.
It’s recently undergone a bit of a renovation, and at the Qype Mobile Gaming event we got the full run of the newly funky painted outdoor BBQ area (great burgers) and downstairs gaming area.
Like most women I kind of feel like I got my fill of gaming in my early teens, and suffered through fawning on boys who had only just begun their love affair with tech. However i do with to applaud The Old School Yard, and My Kind of Phone (Windows 7) for being able to engage me!
The downstairs bar is what got my attention. A fancy old wooden thing (I assume pilfered from a bar that was furnished around the turn of the century). but here’s the kicker… its wall facing. You are in the bar, which the fancy cocktail bar tender, talking laughing, it’s more like being a friends place (think a slicker version of The Dude from The Big Lebowski).
There are neat little nooks with games consuls and red lighting (cause lets face it you need to feel like you’re IN the games!).


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