field&flower in North Somerset

There’s something about a farmer isn’t there? Well there is even if you don’t know it!

Combine a farm boy and a city slicker and what do you have? field&flower, a very clever, very tasty chance at getting meat straight from the farm to the consumer.
I came across this friendly pair at the Northcote Festival in Clapham Junction, running a hot off the grill production line that saw people cuing down the road form some of their tasty wares.

Yes, that in itself is pretty special, but we were at a food festival, and not one other stall could boast the placid cue waiting, or the look of satisfaction of their customers once they got a burger or sandwich in hand.

I had a go at the burger, and I have to say I was sold. By my side was my Scottish farm friend, who gave it the nod of approval (pretty impressive when you consider she was quite intent on blocking out all distractions while eating).

You can find field&flower at a number of events, with pop up stalls littering London, however they do focus on a hefty array of farm delivered meats.


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