Eltham Palace (English Heritage) in London

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Who doesn’t like a bit of Art Deco?
This palace feels more like a large stately home, I guess the moat makes it more palace like than most. Beautifully preserved period features are the draw card here now, back in the day it was a medieval masterpeice, and with the changing of time it somehow reached the 1920’s and froze in time.
Before you dismiss this place as some historical snore fest (and shame on you anyway for thinking so) you need note two things.

There is a gold plated bathroom, which is pretty special, and there is the history of Mah-Jongg.

Not the ancient game, but the lemur. Yep, the madhatters that occupied Eltham had a pet lemur that they bought form Harrods, no less! The Courtauld’s built an internal cage, painted palm trees on it and paraded him about for their guests. He was so special to them he ended up with a memorial.

Let’s be honest her though, she was the divorcee, the descendant of Vlad the Impaler with an epic snake tattoo on her leg, he can’t have been too surprised when she came home with a lemur.

Check out my review of Eltham Palace (English Heritage) – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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