Grand Union in London

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This place is like an oasis, you wander along average streets, get to the outside of an average looking pub, step inside and find yourself looking out into one of the largest outdoor areas I have seen in a London pub to date.

Friends had told me to come to this “beach bar near Brixton” and I have to say I wrinkled my nose. I had no idea they were referring to a huge outdoor area, sunny, with swinging paper lanterns and screen everywhere (for those that cared about football) but not too loud or dominant (for those that didn’t give a hoot).

The outdoor area boasts an outdoor bar, rentable huts, on stilts with private TV’s and a view of the whole outdoor area.

Meals were massive and arrived quickly, the chicken wings and blue cheese dressing, as well as fries and pizza were easily recommendable.

SO what was wrong? Well I went out to the outdoor bar, and was told the guy had no ice yet, no limes (for the corona) and then actually no bottle opener. Bit confused as to why he had opened that bar then :) The toilets were a mess, I told the girl behind the bar, she shrugged and said ‘hmmm what’s new’. We tried to order a sharing platter, but were told they didn’t have them unless you booked ahead (shame cause we booked the table, they didn’t mention it, and also didn’t mention that on the menu) so we went off, confirmed something new and came back to the same guy to order. He said “Kitchen is closed for 10 minutes”. I asked would he take our order down and put it through in a moment. He said no.

So not the greatest in customer service, but this place could be so great… I’ll come back and keep my fingers crossed.

Check out my review of Grand Union – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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