Briars Country Lodge & Inn

I’ll own my tainted review from the get go- I love this place and it has a lot to do with the fact that little has changed in the way it has been run over the last few decades. Sure they get grander refurbishments, extensions, play areas for children, bigger better rooms… but really I have always loved being able to come to a stunning country hotel, attached to an amazingly large steak house- the cook your own on the grill variety.

I have visited this establishments in a number of guises, as a child running through the field nearby to the model airplane landing strip down the hill (don’t ask- it’s a country town), then as a bar tender where I learned to pull a pint (sort of), then as an adult with my friends and their babies all beginning the cycle again. I have to say after all these years it is still one of the best country stops you’ll get.



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