Manly Grill in Sydney


It’s on the corso, which is all you really need to know- that means the sound of waves lapping at night as you curl under the outdoor heaters in a spacious frontage, or it means plenty of sun to use to help your drink go to your head faster!
This Seafood and Steakhouse makes a regular meal look like an entree, a tiny tiny entree.
It isn’t the cheapest int eh area, however it is the most generous, and the food was fresh and cooked to perfection.
I tucked into the Yellowfin tuna served with fresh chilli and garlic tiger prawns prawns, while my partner had an aged tenderloin fillet, grilled tiger prawns lightly brushed with chilli and garlic.
That by itself should technically had been enough for an entire week, but we somehow managed to wave over any waitress (to be fair it was a Wednesday night- I would expect better service on a Friday) and order sweets.
Out came a brownie, with ice cream and cream, which was rich enough to take over a small island nation.
Bill came to about 100 AU dollars, with drinks included this hardly counted as a splurge!

Check out my review of Manly Grill – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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