Phoenix Artist Club in London

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I heard quite a bit about this place before I arrived. Quasi famous peeps squeezing bottoms, a man who has his picture spotlighted at all times even though he isn’t dead, a members club that isn’t.
It was all rather confusing to be honest!
However the set up itself is rather simple. Arrive before 8pm, as it is supposed to be for members entry only after then (the kindly older gentleman at the door did seem the type to bend easily to sweet talking though).
Sit your self down in a wooden chair, a booth, a converted airline chair (you’re starting to understand aren’t you?) and gaze at the pics, all signed, of the theatre stars of yester year.
Add to that some weird pickled eggs and I have to say I was hugely entertained but none the wiser about this quirky venue!

Check out my review of Phoenix Artist Club – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


2 thoughts on “Phoenix Artist Club in London

  1. Gillian says:

    Hi Rachelle! I have just passed on this link to a friend who is heading to london next week…..She was asking on facebook for pub/bar/restaurant suggestions in London so i thought this would be the place for her to come! She is originally from UK, but training to be a chef here in Margs and she has just started her own food blog….Hopefully she will check out your site…

    Miss you!

    Love gill xoxo

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