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Secret dining? It was new thing in old London town and now it is reaching out to the masses… but man was it great to find people who do it right, and oh so well!
I had a bit of a different experience to the average supperclubber here as I attended the Jim Haynes event, hosted by Fernandez & Leluu with Qype and After Eight.

One of the perfect touches to the decor

I must say if I was hosting an event with Jim I would have been quaking in my boots, but Simon and Uyen made it look easy (note: this doesn’t mean it was, it means they are super at what they do!).
So this Jim guy is American, travelled and settled in Paris. Famous amongst those in the know for being the ‘creator’ of supperclubs. He thinks he has served about 113,000 people over the thirty odd years he has invited people into his home on a Sunday. I think he is smart enough to share the right banter to the right people- not sure what it says about me though. I got a kiss and a story about a model and an Irish hotel room.

Jim shows Londoneater how to elbow bump

As a total newbie to the supperclub phenomenon I have no comparison, suffice to say this was by far one of the best events I’ve been to, and if I had a party with half as much style I would retire, frightened I would never reach such dizzying heights again!
I’m keen to see this in normal function, but for now I can say that there were great cocktails, pleasant company and a really beautiful flat to set the scene for really tasty food.

Dessert swirling by

Highlights were the summer rolls, and the bread and butter pudding (croissants and summer fruits) and of course the attention to detail.

Check out my review of Fernandez & Leluu – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


3 thoughts on “Fernandez & Leluu in Hackney, London

  1. Like you, I think this event has something of crack cocaine about it, after one little taste, I’m hooked. It was a fantastic evening – really well organised! And that summer roll – oh man that summer roll. The exploding tastes of pork, prawn, fresh herbs and chill and nuts, all bound together in that transparent rice wrap. Fantastic.

  2. Ah – only just found this! Thank you so much for such kind words!
    Can’t believe everything just fell into place –
    Ever so pleased that everyone enjoyed it so much – every effort was worth it and a million times more.
    Love your pictures too.

    Feeling so pleased with ourselves – i think that everyone who attended wrote something wonderful and just can’t believe STILL how lucky we were to be asked to host such an event – this time last year – I was sitting in the exact same spot Jim was sitting in your photo – having no idea – just no idea that this is what we would do.

    Funny how life happens… or does the whole world conspire to get you what you want – even if you don’t even know what you want!

    He he

    Uyen xxx (and Simon)

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