Nia Cafe Bar in Brighton

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It's all about the rustic charm

Now here is an example of getting the ‘rustic meets city’ look right. Nia is an incredibly charming cafe run but some super smiling staff- the kind that evoke thoughts of the Harry/Sally I’ll having what she’s having variety! If only I could work out how to be that happy- it is the verge of mental hospital, but maybe that’s the city slicker’s reaction to good old Brighton hospitality?

Cute interior of Nia

They make a pretty decent cup coffee too, with a cute soft macaroon slipped onto the saucer.

Check out my review of Nia Cafe Bar – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


2 thoughts on “Nia Cafe Bar in Brighton

  1. Oh, goodie. I’ve been looking for some places other than Bill’s and Farm in Brighton for when we visit so will give this a go. And you know something, you;re spot on about the happy Brighton vibe, everyone seems to be chatty and smily whenever we head down that way… What do they know that I don’t hmmm?

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