Thai Pot in London

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Straight up and down Thai joint, right in the thick of things.
I dropped in (for a table of 3) on St Patrick’s Day, and was seated within ten minutes, when every other place we put our head into along the way was estimating an hour wait.
Service was stellar throughout, and although the interior lacks warmth (as in it is is a bit sterile, Ikea cut out type styling).
We had starters of Poh Pia Tod (spring rolls) which were pretty standard, an Toong Tong, which is Money Bags to most of us clueless Westerners. I would be keen to return for the Toong Tong alone, not least of all because on the menu they are listed as Golden Sack.
The Pad Thai is traditionally my testing point for any Thai place- everyone makes it, and coming from Australia means everyone makes it well (so I’ve been spoiled!).
They kept me happy with this dish- I didn’t win best in London, but it was fresh, well balanced and authentic.
A happy accidental discovery!

Check out my review of Thai Pot – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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