Garibaldi’s in Edinburgh

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Gari’s and I have a strong relationship, going back a number of years now…. but if anyone swears they remember everything about their night at Garibaldi’s then one of two things have happened:

1. You have been talking to a person who made the mistake of going here early, when it’s quiet and far too bright and everyone is sober.
2. You have met a liar who is whole heartedly ashamed of their drunken antics.

If you haven’t had 6 double shots of tequila then you haven’t even started .I should point out I’m no alcoholic, they only serve doubles. Plus what else will you use to wash down your corona with? Add to that a lot of shoulder to sweaty shoulder action on the dance floor, coloured lights on the floor below, mirror above and only about 6 feet in between and your starting to get the idea.

You can escape to a table, or a nook at the far end- these are gold because they are situated by the pole. Which lets, be fair is the near focal point of most dance circles come 1am.Ii have seen many a barman/bouncer/student fall on his face thinking it was time to have a go on a Sunday night!

The summary? This place isn’t swish, posh or all that pretty. It is however the best place to get down and fake being a wild Mexican for a night. (Also I believe if you have been to Edinburgh and not been to Gari’s- then I’m afraid it doesn’t count till you go back and make amends!)

Check out my review of Garibaldi’s – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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