Top 5 Pubs and Bars in London

I have a fairly extensive list of Pubs and Bars in London but what is far more interesting is my latest loves.

Current Top 5: Pubs and Bars in London

The Ship Inn sits on the Thames in Wandsworth.

It is quirky and has a unique character, a place where time stops.
Likes: Fireplace, Live Music, Great Food

The Salt House is on the corner of Abbey Road.

It’s a rediscovery of the fist pub I went to in London.
Likes: Nostalgia, Cider, Warm Bar, Friendly

Last Days of Decadance is nestled into Shoreditch High St.

Easily noticed by the flappers walking towards the entrance.
Likes: Dress Up, Burlesque, Cocktails, Dance

Wine Bar Bedales holds firm in the Borough Markets.

Secure in it’s position as one of the best wine bars in London Bridge.
Likes: Wine, Cheeses, Attentive Service, Relaxing Atmosphere

I wish Bourne Hollingsworth were a secret.

Tucked into the underground of Fitzrovia it’s a great place for cocktail in a tea cup.
Likes: Quirky Style, Eccentric Cocktails in Tea Cups and Jars, Tucked Away


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