Byron Hamburgers in London

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It all began with ‘Kristian with a K’ our server, the first words out his mouth (admittedly they were “guys” quickly followed by “no worries” punctuated with big smiles) and the antipodean culture rush came flooding back to me.

Great windows for looking out at the rain

Byron Burgers does a gentle fusion of American and southern cultures- taking the best burger bits and putting them in Soho was really quite genius.

I’m quite the burger novice, but I must say I know what deserves a big thumbs up- a good burger bun, a generous paddy, fresh salad, many toppings and a fat side pickle. They even ask you how you want your burger cooked. Clever ducks.

The name sake Byron Burger

Add to that a big side of fries (they have variations but I took the shoe string variety) and some very cool soda options (ginger beer was amazing) and the only thing I was truly missing was the hangover to make it that much better!

Golden Shoestring Fries


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