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Pancake Day 2010

I’m the bounce off the wall pancake type of girl, mention those bad boys and I spring on them. I wake up on Pancake Day like a child at Christmas and tummy rumble my way to lunch. Easily pleased me…
Shame about my old Dutch though. Now I got the pic of the pack to be fair, a great salmon crepe, huge and covered in a creamy dill sauce (bit too much, but better than not enough).

Salmon Crepe- note the size of the fork as these were huge

The thing is, I was at a table of 8, and no one else was impressed.
Staff seemed quite flip and not bothered, I know it’s their busiest day of the year- but you know it’s coming, you suck it up and get on with it (spoken like a former waitress).

Should have tried the sweet version… ah the curse of hunger combined with the fear of the dentist!

Full House with baloons & flags for Pancake Day

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