The Salt House in London

The Salt House… my first ever London pub experience, on the corner of the first road I stayed on.

The first place I stayed in London, revisted for the first time since 2000

Spoilt little thing, thinking St John’s Wood was an average London experience, thinking The Salt House an average London pub. Sipping my pint, struggling with jet lag, listening to the odd sound of the locals who spoke with the accent I learned to emulate from Mary Poppins, yes this was London!
Flash forward ten years (dear lord, it hurts to say that!) and I found myself back in the Salt House, with the realisation that it is a cracking pub in a damned nice area.
Great outdoor area, with heaters for the winter, lovely brass fronted bar, quirky staff, and one hell of a menu. Now to work out how to go back in time and live there forever!

Check out my review of The Salt House – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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