Last Days of Decadance in london

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Last Days was both amazing and confusing in equal amounts. A beautiful venue with a well designed interior I was immediately taken by the venue.
A good selection of cocktails (a bit short staffed, or weak staffed in places which meant there was a bit of a queue going) but the crowd was the bit that sold me.
From the moment I went to the bathroom and was confronted by a half naked girl trapped in her dress due to a wayward zip I knew this was a relaxed venue. the dancers were in and out applying make up, netting, feathers and other things I don’t understand. The night preceded thus, with people being chatty and generally friendly. Important to note that a lot of people were really dressed up- does that change the spirit?
I am partial to a place that provides options, and so I wandered between upstairs DJ playing some classic swing, down home and dirty blues, to the burlesque show… and this is where it gets confusing folks! I know burlesque enough to know traditionally it doesn’t involve a demonstration of a sex act on a plum competition… I think the lines were a little too blurry for me on this one point, and I wasn’t the only one with a furrowed brow!

Check out my review of Last Days of Decadance – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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