La Mosquée Hassan II in Casablanca

I was day dreaming about this mosque yesterday… no not a thing I say with any regularity… and I couldn’t help but think of how bizarre I found it all.

Casablanca itself is really a challenge, you can tour through out Morocco and then you get here and you still struggle. It’s real down and out material, made worse if you’re thinking of Bogart, not dust and a hard knock life.
Then there is this looming giant of a mosque, the kind of building that you approach for so long you begin to wonder if in fact you have shrunken. you see a fountain, designed like one you would drink out of, but when you arrive at it you realise its the size of one that you and all your friends could bathe in. The whole experience was really Alice in Wonderland inspired.
Opulent beyond measure, the roof retracts, the floors are heated (no mean feat for the 3rd largest mosque in the world) and most of it hangs over the ocean, with glasses floors to pray on.
No to be missed and never forgotten



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