The Coach and Horses in London

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I have to say that my understanding of Scotch Eggs was the definition of limited until I came to the Qype night at the Coach and Horses.

The very jovial chef gave us a lovely introduction to his ideas about Scotch eggs- warm, soft in the middle, never made with anything exotic, he’s an egg puritan!

Then we get down to it with a big bucket of eggs and a big bucket of mince! Eggs gently tapped and peeled, wrapped in mince (more tricky than I would have liked) then in and out of flour and crumb and egg mixes… until you have a perfectly round Scotch egg… and discover the others aren’t weird OCD people and have actually made theirs into oval egg shapes. Less one star for Rachelle.

They go into the deep fryer and we get more beers, yummy, and then the hot goodness appeared like magic (thanks magic Henry!)

It was that easy, now I’m a convert- to both Scotching Eggs and the friendly folk at the Coach and Horses!

Check out my review of The Coach and Horses – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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