Google (UK) in London


Yes we all know it’s a search engine, but did we all know it seems to treat it’s staff like kings and queens? No… well I did not!

So they have breakfast, all the breakfasts, lunch with too many options including a cupcake stand, roast joints, sushi bar, enough snacks to rival 3 corner stores combined…

This should be a company full of fatties, but it seems they employ the ones with smarts and self control here!

One other area worth mentioning is the deck chairs, stripy friendly chairs under a sunroof, I guess when you’re tired of BBQing at lunch you can move down there.

Check out my review of Google (UK) – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


One thought on “Google (UK) in London

  1. This sounds like a really great company, all the extras that really make you feel welcome. It is a pity that other large companies do not treat their employees in a similar manner – it would certainly help improve moral!

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