Powertone Studios in London

London I was drawn to this little studio though curiosity, what was a powerplate exactly? How does it work? Does it work? I toddled off to Kings road early on Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was empty. It isn’t a large space, with 4-5 powerplates available I assume that means you would get personal treatment even when it was to capacity. The actual work out was really hard on me, but I think if you have any level of fitness (I don’t!) then you would rather enjoy it as a different way to get fit. Not sure how often I would like to stand on a vibrating plate though, I am a bit suspicious that it can’t be the best thing for your brain. One of the enjoyable elements is the warm down afterwards, where different body parts lie on the machine and are vibrated- it’s basically like a massage chair effect- and I would think this would be great for cellulite. Bonus is that it only takes 25 mins to do a work out and feel the effects for days, the draw back for me was the stand offish trainer who was intent on hearing the same 3 songs on rotation for the session (restarted my herself each time). Great alternative to the usual gym routine, not sure I would want to pay £20 for it all the time though.


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