Benugo bar & kitchen @ BFI in London

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It isn’t hard to love this spacious bar/ restaurant on the Southbank. It’s hidden inside the BFI and as a result isn’t overwhelmed with the usual foot traffic.
They have a large space with couches and low tables, available for bookings, a central bar, a run of booths that can seat 6, and then a more formal dining space.
The staff are quirky and friendly (although one woman could have done with less huffing and eye rolling- but its the way of hospitality isn’t it? Plus the bar tender with the Edith Head glasses more than made up for her!)
The one thing that sold me for ever more were the giant bar snacks… in particular the ‘build your own chip butty’.
The D.I.Y element has us intrigued, and not long afterwards we were presented with three pots, butter, ketchup and mayonnaise, two slices of bread and a whole mess of chips inside a very cite metal tin (much like a mess tin). Brilliant.
Another thing to note is that unlike many other cinema bars this one doesn’t seem to ride in clear waves of full and empty with screenings. It is consistently buzzy and maintains its relaxed vibe.

Check out my review of Benugo bar & kitchen @ BFI – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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