Lucky Voice in London


“I should be so Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky…”
(I get away with that reference based on nationality alone, before insult flood in!)
I must admit that I’m not a singer. Not in the way that Miley Cypress isn’t a singer (as in bad but passable) more in the way that Mickey Rourke isn’t a singer…

Enter Lucky Voice. Smarter than your average bear, they are expecting such wonders of nature as myself. You enter into a rather cool bar area… and get drunk enough that you can’t remember why people don’t let you do karaoke with them.
You go into one of their way cool purpose built booths, dig through the box of dress ups and props…. and disguise yourself just in case.
Select a song and grab the mike… now the only thing left to point out here is the impeccable sound proofing, and perhaps the call a waiter button for top ups on the liquid courage.
10 out of 10… from a -1 out of 10 performer!

Check out my review of Lucky Voice – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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