The National Gallery in London

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When I first came to Europe, alone, fresh-er faced and freezing (note to all Australians, do not visit London for the first time in January, you do not actually knwo what cold is even though you think you do) I wanted to viist this gallery first.

Of al those in London this was the fist place I came to because living in near isolation and studying art is a bit of a cultural oddity. Study are in Europe? Go and see the real thing. Study art in the Pacific? Get out a library book and get creative.

Firstly I was bowled over by the fact it was free, even a Library card costs money. Secondly, I loved the layout, the old style room on room, high ceiling classic style. The point of fascination came fom tehe art itself, if you have never seen ancient religious inspired art, crept up to a renaissance master, or got close enough to see the brush strokes of the impressionist, then two things might happen. You might start hyperventilating, and you might also cry a little (I did both). Degas was the tipper- you’ve been warned- it’s also nice to know the staff will bring you tissues.

Classic London experience forever in my memory- this is a great place to review your art history, or get a full introduction.

Check out my review of The National Gallery – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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