Bouillon Racine in Paris

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What a find! This is a restored 1920’s art deco inspired restaurant, with a heavy baroque influence.
They have such pretty fittings and fixtures that I was pretty sure I had wandered onto a film set rather than into a restaurant. As a foreigner this is exactly the kind of place you want to stumble upon, filled to the brim with locals, incredibly high quality of food and service beyond reproach (if you flinch towards the bottle of wine they are already topping up your glass!)
I’m super sad that they have jazz nights- well, sad because I haven’t been to one- it would be the ultimate venue for it, nicely rounded off the fantasy world they have created.
So to the food! We had a chance at a couple of bites from different dishes as there were four of us, and I wasn’t let down by a single one. The roasted snails, butter with garlic and parsley were really nicely presented and flavourful, the home made duck foie gras with Guérande sea salt, fig compote and toasts wasn’t really my style (but the person who ordered it swore by it!)
The suckling pig stuffed and spit roasted, home made mashed potatoes with smoked bacon, was intense and complicated, also incredibly rich.
We topped it off with a round of home made crème brûlée with maple syrup, and one poached pears soaked in red wine.
Decadent and perfect and still within budget. Ah the magic of Paris!

Check out my review of Bouillon Racine – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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