Polpo in London

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This is the type of place that makes me think ‘labour of love’. Food aside (only for a moment) I really like the décor, the smallest details are addressed in an uncluttered authentic way, right down to the coat hook in the bathroom.
It a tight space, and reasonably loud, but it’s a great buzzing vibe rather than a struggle to hear.
They have larger tables, or a bench seating option that runs around the bar, and another looking over beak street. The staff are efficient and sharp, the owner/manager (?) seemed to have his fingers in all the pies- I was impressed.
Then came the food… oh the lovely food…
I have to say initially the concept of Italian tapas was a bit confusing, only because I associate Italian food with giant plates and crazy portions. Turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong. It’s far nicer (and filling) to get a bit of everything.
I think the slow roast duck, green peppercorns, black olives, tomatoes dish is worth a mention. It is very rich but well cooked and balanced. The grilled sliced flank steak & flat mushrooms was virtually hoovered up by our table, really quality cuts and a great addition with the mushrooms.
We also ordered a plate of cold meats (at £11.80 I thought that was pretty exceptional) it came with the rustic crusty rosemary bread and fresh cuts of cured meats.
the fish dishes really caught my attention, and heading the charge was the cuttlefish in its ink, gremolata, really jet black and succulent. Also worth mentioning were the mackerel tartare with cucumber, horseradish, and the mussels & clams dish with a tomato based sauce.
I’m sold on this venue, and I will be bringing people here, on mass, so we can order as many bites as possible and roll out the door at the end!

Check out my review of Polpo – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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