Joe & The Juice in London

Delightful décor, good quality juices and friendly happy staff, what a welcome addition to Regent Street!
I got a lovely thick shake with milk, raspberry and banana, and tasted my colleagues juices- and loved them all. Didn’t attempt the food here, but I did have a really good poke around. The interior has clearly been refurnished by someone with a sharp eye, plenty of black off set with pinks and purples, huge comfortable couches, tea light candles, displays of fruit in thick wicker baskets, perfectly designed light fittings. Its an aesthetically pleasing finish that is also welcoming.

Add to that wifi that is free, and really I’m thinking of reserving the couch in the far corner under the skylight (with the in house copies of vogue no less).

After my visit today I think that ‘Jo & the Juice’ is using the word Juice as code for ‘Pretty European Men’, all of them wearing pink shirts and not a lady in sight (discounting the ones ogling from the customer side of the counter).

Check out my review of Joe & the Juice – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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