Inamo in London

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I have been very eager to eat here for quite sometime, riding the ebb and flow of the reviews and opinions. For the most part they came out with a thumbs to the sky. I do get wary of the gimmick inspired place. I have a fear that the food will suffer- and it seems most people agree. Inamo are smarter than your average bear it would seem as I left here very satisfied and impressed with the range and quality, as well as the portions on offer.
The interactive table are more fun than I imagined, and easier to use. I loved the projection of an image of the meal onto the pate area when you were flipping through the menu- in any other restaurant I would run form a ‘picture of the food’ menu! Loved the kitchen camera too- couldn’t really see a lot of what was going on, but the voyeur in me felt satisfied!
They have a handful of games on offer- including battleships which was a direct hit with our team (ahem).
The food itself was really well presented, fresh and creative- cinnamon chicken, spicy prawns, soft shell crab sushi with the the little legs poking out!
Only warning expect mechanical servers (shame that real people couldn’t be brought into the equation) and take an even number of diners because interactivity isn’t so much fun at a table for one).

Check out my review of Inamo – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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