New York

Eileens Special Cheesecake in New York

While in New York I would spend a lot of time asking who made the best cheesecake. Now here’s the thing, apparently everyone that makes cheesecake swears theirs is the best. Yet, when you get down to it most people will mention Eileen’s at some point. A shop that is the size of a small phone box, that only sells cheesecake, and has been around since 1974 has to be doing it right I figured, so I went on a mission to find out.

This family run business are sticking what they know, and man do they know their cheesecakes! The dont sell slices, only whole cakes, either the size of your palm, or a regular large one. All the flavours ever known to cheesecake creation are here (oreo chocolate? really?) but to keep it real myself and my friends tried blueberry, strawberry and traditional.
That’s my summary. Not sickly sweet, perfectly creamy, and a base that is perfectly crumbly, but only when bitten.
The other thing I loved about this place was that Eileen’s family served me, gave me a cake box that hasn’t been graphically enhanced and tied with string, and I knew then that they had been doing this the same way for years.


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