New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Apart from all the obvious attractions- Warhol, Egyptian art, Shakers room all set up in situ, Versailles round room… here are my little tips for something different:

The roof top may be a bit of a pain to find but it’s amazing. Don’t walk up the stairs, go west on the ground floor and take the lift- I’m not being lazy here, you actually can’t get there via the stairs. The rooftop will have some kind of installation going on- some warm drinks (mmm hot apple cider) and a brilliant view over Central Park. Don’t miss this!
Also for entry it’s 20 dollars. which is great for the gallery, but blows if you’re a cheep tourist. So my gift to you- this is a suggested donation price. If you’re a poor student you can go in for a dollar and they wont care.
With what is on offer I do hope most people pay the full price, but now you have the choice so the ‘starving artists’ can also catch a break.


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