Kaffeine in London

There are some days when good ol’ London town gets a bit much. I miss the cities of Australia, there, I said it! The solution is simple though, find a quality Aussie inspired joint and immerse yourself in it.
I know to most that means Fosters and footy, but I don’t miss that part one bit! What I’m talking about is a quality caf. Sleek, raw materials for the interior, chatty friendly staff, and some clean clever ingredients blended into a well balanced menu.
Do yourself a favour and check out the breakfast menu, the muesli pots will put all others to shame (a bit of blended popcorn with the home made raspberry and rhubarb compote anyone?) They are promising some quality Aussie specials to boot- don’t miss out on a friand, these are almond meal bases cakes, or sough dough toast!
So, if anyone is missing me on a work day, wander up to the ultra sleek and super friendly Kaffeine and drag me off the funky crate seats!

Check out my review of Kaffeine – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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