Qype: Chiquito in London

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Hmmm what to make of it? I must admit the whole Mexican right on Leicester Square thing has my nose shoved firmly in the air from the get go.
The front door greater wasn’t too impressed with having to deal with customers, and when we went though to the bar we were met with the rather too pricey drinks choices… and my nose stayed high.
However later on we went upstairs with our party and were treated well, checked on often and didn’t struggle for service in any way.
I only ate outside the traditional realm this time (lamb- it was ok), but everyone seemed quite happy with their dishes. I don’t think they can be called authentic, definitely a south meet north kind of fusion.
Did think it was a bit rich that my friend has to pay a non refundable booking fee (it did go towards the meal, but I would like to assume that a larger party means more money for them, and being in their location they were not short of people wanting tables).
In the end I left feeling a bit on the fence. It surpassed my expectations, but my expectations were grim initially.

Check out my review of Chiquito – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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