Qype: Aquum in London

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Mine is a review of the night- a Friday night no less, so judgement is reserved for these experiences only… I would like a revisit in the harsh light of day.
I dig the street balcony, very clever move. It’s protected from the elements, but open so that there is street interaction.
The interior is a bit like a dental disco- very white and pristine, but less face it, when it comes to clubbing I’d rather the clean than the sticky. They also had supremely attentive staff working there, people scurrying about mopping up split drinks, collecting glasses etc… and a lovely signing voice on the toilet attendant, who was simultaneously hand out dating advice.
The VIP area is quite small, but has a great view of the dance floor, and the glass elevator with gyrating semi clad woman- if you’re into that.
Best of all was the dance floor and the music, a perfect tightrope of cheese and R&B, so that my friends and I danced for four hours without much of a pause in between!

Check out my review of Aquum – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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