Kings Cross in Sydney

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If you see the Coke sign (erected in the 1970s) then you’re about to enter the heart of Kings Cross. Strip bars and Gambling Dens, Nightclubs and those cafe’s were people don’t seem to be smoking cigarettes. Welcome to Australia’s most notorious red light district.
These days it isn’t half as seedy as back in the 1970’s, when American servicemen would call into port and walk up the hill for a bit of wild, ‘Down Under’ style, however it was their need that lay the foundations for what is now the Amsterdam of the city.
Don’t bother going here in the day, it’s just depressing, all the sunlight bouncing off the junkies and bald headed bouncers is enough to make anyone get church orientated. Plus more than once I saw people pushing their dips, bare assed and still in their hospital gown from the hospital back into the Cross. Wait for the darkness, it puts the right slant on things, and as you pass by the drug pushers and jaw chewing clubbers you will really get a taste for the crazy part of town, and find that it is offering a great night out.
Check out my review of Kings Cross – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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