Watson Bay in Sydney

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It is important to know what to do at Watson’s before you arrive, because when you do will get swept up with the beauty and forget why you visited, staring dumbly at the reflecting ocean and getting sunstroke.
So take a ferry over (very soothing but admittedly slow) or drive if you have access to a car, because it’s a rocking road through the heads, very Formula One track style, just not with the open speed limits!
Go to Doyles. I cannot emphasise this enough. It is THE fish store in Sydney.
Take your lunch to the park and lay about in the sun before you go to the pool. Not just any pool a section of the ocean fenced off with metal bars sunk into the ocean bed and smooth wooden platforms around it. Perfect to avoid boats and sharks (there are quite a few sightings in this area, but that section is perfectly safe. Also the ‘water rats’ patrol and warn you if there are sightings).
Now walk up to The Gap and take in the headlands before wandering down to one of the beach bars and letting the sting of the sunburn fade with a cold beer. Paradise.
Check out my review of Watson Bay – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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