So High Soho, London

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Upstairs I can give or take, but venture down those narrow stairs and it all gets a bit Alice in Wonderland, in So High Soho.
Down you go, fur and feathers and plastic hair stroking your arms and face… until you’re in this little room filled to the brim with dressing up materials. Bear’s costumes, nurses uniforms, boxes of pirate accessories, make-up, clown shoes, walking canes (one with a hairy skull handle)… the usual really!
One thing I loved is that they don’t discourage you from trying things on- the masks, hats and they even have a wig display area so that you can try on the plastic wrapped versions.
I left here with a severed arm prop, vampire blood and a picture of me with a rabbit head on! Brilliant!
Check out my review of So High Soho Ltd – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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