Aragon House

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This combined bar and restaurant is an intuition in the South West, and a passport into the lives of the posh kids of London. If you’re unprepared for the array of designer ware and high pitch polished accents it comes as a bit of a shock, however after the initial affront you will be able to snuggle down and be entertained by this bustly bar.
The food here is actaully good, not pub grub as much a a good selection of well assembled tasties, especially when the outdoor BBQ section is pumping.
I think it’s the interior that makes this place truly special, although others will argue it’s the beer garden. Let me be clear though, in a country with this much chill in the air I’m all for a beautifully collected and carefully thought out interior plan. Aragon House meets this need with a gold stars… and chandeliers and antique leather chairs! It has a cosy feel, yet it is as if you have wandered into an 18th century English country house and are awaiting the arrival of the hunting team.
The alcohol selection is tight and polished. Food menus are seasonally adjusted, a bit pricey but fresh and to a high standard. Let’s face it, if you are coming to ‘the green’, you can’t say you have experienced the area until you go the place with the most sparkle and shine!
Check out my review of Aragon House Ltd – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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