Dans Le Noir

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I was really excited about this concept. I was looking for something special, a once off kind of gift, and I figured I couldn’t go wrong with dinner sans light…
I was right too- it is a once off. It is an incredible experience, however I have to agree that the food wasn’t amazing enough for me to want to come and brave the dark for more. I ordered the seafood surprise (it was to be a surprise by the way, I would never normally order something that undefined!) and my partner got the Chef’s surprise.
The thing was, for me, that the food was average. Which is such a same, as you would think, in the dark, that your senses are heightened, so the smells and taste would be more refined. I really thought their menu would have taken advantage of that. As for the Chef’s surprise, I think the surprise was that you were to be given a meal so rich in flavours that you would have to struggle. I swear with a little more refinement this place could be amazing. After all the draw-cards are fab: dinner in total darkness, seated with strangers, allowing you for a legitimate oral voyeurism. A highly skilled blind waiter who is better than most waiters I’ve ever had before. Plus a unique opportunity to eat with your fingers literally in front of someone else, without them seeing the gory details.
I just hope they add a bit of polish to this amazing conceptual restaurant.
Check out my review of Dans Le Noir – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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