Qype: outsider tart in London

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The Double David Duo are found of the expression gilding the lily… and the moment I let one of their crazy brownies in my mouth I knew why. They have found a toned down way of saying “forget everything you thought you knew about good sweets, and be prepared to take sugar to a new level”! These guys do it American style- bigger better and authentic (right down to importing the ingredients that can’t be sourced here).
Marshmallows with Peach flavour and sherbet style sugar coating, Pecan pie so airy and light that it’s almost meringue like in its centre, large cinnamon muffins, mascarpone icing…
It gets better… They do master classes! Come learn, take home food and recipes, ‘gilded’ with laugher and entertainment.
Post binge, I may now being having the largest sugar crash of my entire life, but I shall be biking it out to Putney markets every Thursday (until their shop appears) just to counteract the inevitably decadent sugar intake!
Check out my review of outsider tart – I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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