Thames RIB Experience, London

Some may say that getting on a speedboat while hung over is stupid, or at least chancy…
I do however have something amazing to report- the Thames RIB experience will cure a hangover faster than anything!
I cannot recommend this tour enough. Forget the yawn of the bus, or the toddle of the ferry- this was a full speed ahead, hair whipping, eye watering, squealing type venture. The lovely speedboat crew gave us heavy duty jackets for the cold and life jackets that were funky (not a single giant yellow affair in sight). We had a slightly different tour to normal, it was an amalgamation of what is on offer from the company, including elements of the Canary Wharf Experience, the Greenwich, O2 & Thames Barrier Experience and the ‘Bond’ Theme Experience.

The staff were quirky and fun, the information about the city was interesting, relevant and enlightening, without being excessive, and just when I began to think of relaxing we hit the anti speed limit barrier and flew out along the Thames. Breakneck speeds and some very clever manoeuvring by our driver and then we were admiring the Thames barrier in all it’s metallic glory. Did I mention the James Bond theme music as we whipped past the O2 centre? What about the views of the city?
I may have to massage my face out of the frozen expression of glee, but small price to pay for the best tour in the city no?
I am rachelle_thompson – on Qype


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