Qype Interesting


This last week has focused more on Qype than most for me, as we set to relaunch with new branding a more complex interface. The German community mostly hated it, the French half heartedly waved a limp protest flag… and the U.K? They rode the wave and said very little (which doesn’t mean they were feeling it).

I found the whole thing interesting. Very Interesting.

Here is the new look from the Dublin landing page. I wrote the editorial blocks, ‘The very best of Dublin” etc, and I think this new layout is handy. However people just don’t like their familiar things to change. Which to me is super odd. We go to new restaurants, clubs, pubs, cities… but somehow when an internet site changes everyone gets a little quivery. And becomes a very astute critic!

Let me know your feedback in the comments section, and really more so if you haven’t been to the site before as I would like to know how it comes across to a newbie (but I am hugely concerned that you haven’t ever been to Qype if this is the case, I’m worried that you haven’t used the internet before).


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